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To Offer CEUs


Training programs seeking to offer CEU
*Note: CEU Program guidelines have been updated (11/18/2016)

The Continuing Education Program allow professionals in the field to earn the required Continuing Educational Credits to maintain their credential as Nationally Certified Medical Interpreters. The IMIA Education Committee has developed a comprehensive and multi-tiered review process to ensure that continuing education activities meet minimum requirements for Continuing Education credit. Your submission will be reviewed based on IMIA criteria.

Direct all inquiries regarding application receipt, payments, and registry postings to:

Direct any inquiries regarding IMIA CEU Program requirements, approval or denial,

Educational activities that will not be accepted:

Not sure if your program will make the cut? Want to avoid re-submission and potentially delaying your program’s approval? Review the information below before submitting your program for review.

Please be advised CEUs are not awarded to time allotted for pre-test/post-test, opening/closing remarks, social networking activities, coffee/lunch break activities, introductions, self-study, reading, and/or other non-qualifying content

The following examples of potential subject materials do not fall within the criteria for continuing education and will not be awarded CEUs:
  1. Course, program or workshop offering an introductory level of instruction in general interpreting, medical interpreting, or community interpreting in which the primary focus is medical interpreting
  2. Prep courses preparing individuals to be certified
  3. Course in translation or legal terminology
  4. Course in court interpreting
  5. Course in medical terminology (without sufficient demonstration that training content is to be presented at an intermediate/advanced level))
  6. Courses or workshops that are open to any individual who wishes to become a medical interpreter
All conditions must be met at the time of application.  All documents must be in PDF or MS Word document format only. All other formats will not be reviewed.  
  • Workshop/event is designed to increase the skills and/or knowledge of practicing certified medical interpreters. Courses should be designed specifically for skill improvement of the attending CMI/CHI - or require the participants to be certified medical interpreters.
  • Acceptable subject materials include but are not limited to the following: medical interpreting ethics, standards of practice, medical concepts, medical terminology, interpreting mode skill-development (consecutive, simultaneous, sight translation).  The educational activity and training content must be of a level that is advanced beyond beginner-level understanding: Materials that are currently taught in basic level medical interpreter training programs will not qualify as continuing education.
  • CV/Bio of presenter/instructor must be provided, citing any and all relevant professional and educational experience/background to demonstrate qualification as a subject matter expert (SME) to present on the subject matter  ***Title this document: "(activity name) Presenter Bio” 
  • Workshop abstract (minimum 200-250 words). Course content should be specific and attainable within the time frame allotted for the learning activity.  Describe and explain how the program will benefit the attendees.  Describe what will be presented, teaching methodologies, workshop dynamic, and format- in detail. ***Title this document: "(activity name) Abstract"
  • List at least 3 Learning Objectives for each workshop, see guidelines here: (conferences/events are exempt from this condition):  ***Title this document: "(activity name) Learning Objectives" 
  • Include an agenda with a detailed hourly breakdown, including time allotted for breaks, meals, and educational activities. (on-site workshop, conference/event) or media/video runtime (online recorded workshop)  ***Title this document: "(activity name) Agenda"
  • Provide a mechanism for tracking attendance
  • Provide evaluation/quiz and passing criteria (Online recorded workshop ONLY)
  • Submit a sample copy of the certificate of attendance for the workshop. It is the training provider's responsibility to provide CEU certificate promptly upon successful completion of training. Please see example: Certificates of Attendance.pdf
  • Online recorded workshop only: time allotted for self-study, reading, testing, homework, & Q&A time with instructor via e-mail will not be counted toward CEU calculation
  • Minimum time for an educational activity is 50 minutes. Applications for activities under 50 minutes will be denied. 
  • Conference/event only: It is the responsibility of the conference organizers to monitor those that do not attend the total number of available continuing education session hours and issue their event CEU certificates according to approved CE activity/workshop attendance.
Identity Which Category Your Application Falls Under:
*Make certain that you review and completely understand the requirements for each learning modality 
Steps to offer CEUs:
*Fee scheduled effective 9/10/14 
  1. List your course or workshop on the IMIA Training Directory, post HERE
  2. If it is an event or a conference, to post on the IMIA U.S. or International Calender, go HERE
  3. Complete Onsite Workshop Form HERE 
  4. OR Complete Online Recorded Workshop Form HERE 
  5. OR Complete Conference/Event Form HERE 
  6. Complete the CEU application and upload the appropriate form HERE   
  7. Fee:  $75 per workshop / $155 per conference / $10 for each additional session in a series of related module (PLEASE NOTE: The fee is not refundable and does not guarantee approval).  Pay HERE
  8. 1-Week Review Rush Rate: $50 per application 
***Add your program's name to forms sent in with all submissions: "(activity name) IMIA form"
CEUs are not awarded to workshops with incomplete application documents and information at the time of review.
  • Processing time: Review will begin the day your successful payment and all documents are received.
  • 2-year CEU credit eligibility starts from the date of approval to offer CEU credits.
  • Workshop CEU status expires after 2 years and you must apply for renewal to extend CEU status
Turnaround Time:

Two (2) weeks for a workshop application and four (4) weeks for a conference application. These timelines are estimated for review turnaround.  Review time is subject to a correctly submitted application package and completed payment. To prevent any delay we recommended you ensure:

1. Timely payment
2. Timely posting in the Education Registry
3. Complete submission of required application documents



IMIA CEU Program Application

How to develop effective learning objectives:
Bloom's Taxonomy
Verbs for Bloom's Taxonomy
Guide to Learning Objectives

Retroactive CEU Application

The IMIA accepts applications for retroactive IMIA CEUs up to two years back from the date of the workshop or event.

Webpage last modified: 06/16/2015

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