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IMIA Regional Conference - Call For Papers


"Providers and Medical Interpreters: Working together to End HealthCare Disparities"

2018 California Regional Conference
June 23rd 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Medical interpretation is a specialized field that has evolved over time into the fastest growing specialization of interpreting practice. It is also a fragmented field with many small organizations and a few national organizations representing the field. The IMIA has worked for many years to try to establish unity in the field, and in 2006 established the Consortium of Interpreter Associations (COIA), which meets annually, and the National Interpreter Services Coalition (NIAC) comprised of 8 national organizations. IMIA believes that as the profession matures, it will be important for us to present a united front to the outside world.

The overriding mission of this conference is to offer a regional forum to showcase the latest developments in the field, to investigate its opportunities and challenges, to advance the quality in services provided to language minority patients worldwide, and to shed more light on the collective partnership and responsibility among medical interpreters, providers, and regulators for a better health care outcome and patient safety. We encourage innovative ideas for presentations and activities that support the thematic questions of the conference.

The format of the conference is grounded in professional networking and workshop sessions that maximize audience participation, complemented by interactive plenary sessions on key professional issues. IMIA provides a forum for new and well-established experts in the field to develop their work side by side. This conference seeks to facilitate learning as an ongoing, dynamic and social process, and strives to offer engaging sessions in which diverse participants can form bonds, participate as learners and teachers, and feel integral to the learning process. We believe presenters should make content relevant and meaningful, and offer ways to process information through dialogue, reflection, and application.

We encourage innovative ideas for presentations and activities that support the thematic questions of the conference.



Why should I present at an IMIA Conference?

Speaking at an IMIA Conference is a challenging and rewarding opportunity. All proposals are selected through a competitive peer-review process. If your proposal is selected, you may take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Increased Recognition
  • Many renowned experts in the field started off by becoming frequent presenters at the IMIA Conferences throughout the years. This could lead you there.
  • By contributing to the advancement of your profession, you will build your reputation and resume, widen your networking circle, gain recognition as a leader in the industry, and position yourself as a key player to help shape the future of your profession.
  • Your name will be featured in the Preliminary Program, and your biography appears on the Conference Website and in the Final Program that is provided to each conference attendee.
  • If you submit an accompanying article, your 1,000-2,000-word article will be published, if approved, in the Proceedings of the IMIA Conference.
  • You will receive a Speaker ribbon with your attendee badge so that you will be recognized throughout the event.

Reduced Conference Registration

  • Speakers receives a 25% reduced speaker registration fee of for the full conference rate
  • If additional co-speakers are involved, they may also register at the reduced speaker registration rate if they wish to attend conference sessions and events

How can I prepare a winning proposal?

  • Do not send any supplementary material. The decision to accept your proposal is based only on the information provided in this proposal. Information provided separately will not be considered.
  • Submit a complete proposal. If you are unable to submit a complete proposal at this time, please consider a submission for next year. Incomplete submissions will be disregarded.
  • Polish your proposal. Only well-written abstracts and bios will be taken into consideration.
  • Focus on the theme. Proposals that appear to focus on selling products or services will be rejected.
  • Know your audience. Your proposal should be designed for attendees with a specific level of experience. Preference will be given to proposals designed for audiences with five or more years of professional experience.
  • Make it relevant. Your proposal should provide clear objectives for what attendees will learn and how they can apply this knowledge.
  • Please note all workshops will run for 60 minutes - please keep this in mind when preparing your submission.

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