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Call for Nominations for IMIA Awards

One of the most important and widely recognized functions IMIA fulfils for its members is the awarding of IMIA prizes and awards at our Annual International Conferences on Medical Interpreting. Being selected by a national and international jury to receive an IMIA prize or award signifies recognition of the 'best of the best' by one's peers around the globe. Please take this opportunity to nominate outstanding colleagues in the field for the IMIA prizes as recognition of their professionalism and to demonstrate their work and accomplishments in advocating for the profession and for the patients who require interpreters all over the world. Individuals are entitled to nominate one candidate per prize. All IMIA members and others are encouraged to submit nominations. A list and description of all IMIA Awards follows:

IMIA Interpreter of the Year Award
The IMIA Medical Interpreter of the Year Award is the oldest and most prestigious award for medical or healthcare interpreters. This yearly award recognizes an outstanding interpreter and role model across the US or abroad. Medical interpreters can distinguish themselves in various ways which make them appropriate nominees for this award: 1)  Belongs to a professional association; 2) is an effective patient advocate and is comfortable in all interpreting roles; 3) finds creative solutions to assist patients to meet their needs; 4) identifies and supports improvements in patient care delivery; 5) quality of interpreting skills 6) interpersonal skills and team spirit; 6) commitment to continuous improvement of skills; 7) commitment to professional development.

IMIA Distinction in Medical Interpreter Education Awards
This award was established in 2010 and recognizes two individuals, one representing the international training and academic environment, and the other representing interpreter training and education in the US. "In many ways, interpreter trainers/educators are the gatekeepers of the profession, because it falls on them to instruct new interpreters in the appropriate practice of this profession, still growing and being established in many institutions. The IMIA Distinction in Medical Interpreter Education Awards will recognize individuals who have excelled in the capacity of guiding and shaping the next generation of medical interpreters", said Hank Dallman, Medical Interpreter Trainer at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. This award recognizes the need for outstanding interpreter educators as role models across the country and abroad, for improved medical interpreter education. The recipient will be an educator, instructor, or language coach, and the selection will be based on concrete examples of what they have achieved and for the promise of what they will accomplish. The IMIA Distinction in Education Awards have the goal of being inspirational, helping all explore the role standardization of education in the field of medical interpreting. It also promises to recognize latent talent and increase the sharing of innovative strategies that make a powerful impact on students.

IMIA Provider Excellence Award
This award was established in 2011 and recognizes a healthcare professional who has made a lasting impact in the field of medical interpreting. This award recognizes the need for outstanding healthcare provider champions who take our mission as their mission for the patient safety of those patients who have a language barrier to healthcare. This is a community leader who has joined the interpreter community to fight for universal language rights.

Raquel Cashman Language Access Award
The IMIA Raquel Cashman Language Access Award was established in 1993 by the International Medical Interpreters Association, in memory of Raquel Cashman, Director of the Interpreters Department at Boston Medical Center, and the initial founding member of the organization. Raquel was an impassioned advocate for medical interpreting and LEP patient rights. This annual award perpetuates the enduring contributions of this health care and community leader by recognizing the achievements of individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to improving patient safety and language access in health care, and individuals who, through a specific initiative or project, have made an important contribution to our field at a national and/or international level.

IMIA Lighthouse Leadership Award
This Award of Merit was established in 2010 by the IMIA International Board of Directors and is the highest award granted to an individual member or a corporate member of the IMIA for distinguished leadership, service and outstanding participation in IMIA activities during the previous year. The IMIA leadership includes the standing and former IMIA National and International representatives, as well as the IMIA Committee and Division Chairpersons and the IMIA Executive Board. Recipients receive a complimentary registration to the IMIA International Conference in Medical Interpreting and a complimentary one year membership to the organization. This award recognizes the achievements of individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to improving patient safety and language access in health care, and individuals who, through specific initiatives or projects of the IMIA, have made an important contribution to our field at a national and/or international level.

To nominate someone for any of these awards
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Submission Requirements:
a. A description of no less than 100 words with specific examples of why the nominee should win this award (nominee bio preferred but not required)
b. Contact information of nominee
c. Contact information of person making submission
e. All emailed to info@imiaweb.org

To see past award recipients, click HERE

About the IMIA
The IMIA is an umbrella association that promotes all standards and best practices in the field of medical interpreting. As an international trade association of medical interpreters, it represents over 2,000 practicing medical interpreters as the ultimate experts in medical interpreting. The IMIA is also the only national trade association of medical interpreters in the US, and is an official active member of FIT, the Federation of Interpreters and Translators, an international organization comprised of trade associations of interpreters and translators worldwide. It is a partner member of AILIA, the Languages Industry Association, headquartered in Canada. IMIA developed the first code of ethics, standards, annual conference, and certification for medical interpreters and continues to be a pioneer in the field with its work to develop the first Interpreter Educators Code of Ethics and National Education Registry. The organization's most current work involves developing National Accreditation Standards for Medical Interpreter Training Programs. (www.imiaweb.org)

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