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Medical translation is frequently an asked service of medical interpreters. To help our members and the public at large better understand the issues that relate to medical translations for linguistically diverse populations, the IMIA has published an IMIA Guide on Medical Translation.

There are few standards on hospital related medical translations:

1) Please see the MDPH Translation Guidelines, by Jordan Coriza 

2) Please purchase the ASTM Standard Guide for Quality in Translation at http://www.astm.org/Standards/F2575.htm (download cost of $43)

3) IMIA Guide on Medical Translation, by Rocio Txabarriaga, MA


Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Translation

Medical Translation Blog

Content revolves around real-world issues faced by pharmaceutical/medical device companies and translation service providers: Regulatory news such as the pending Asian Medical Device Directive, technology news (from machine translation to personal efficiency tools) and language developments like the recent Brazilian Portuguese spelling reform. Content posted daily. Stay up-to-date by subscribing (free of charge, of course!) to email updates or read our feed with your favorite RSS reader. And you are invited to participate in discussions or by providing tips to developing news.

Additional Documents

>IMIA Guide on Medical Translation

>MDPH Translation Guidelines

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