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ISP Member Directory

We continuously strive to work together with those who train or employ professional medical interpreters. Below is a list of the organizations support the mission of the IMIA financially on a yearly basis. One of the best ways for corporations or non-profit organizations to support the professional medical interpreters is to join us. How else will they know what professional interpreters are doing to advance our cause for recognition as bona fide professionals? How else will we all collaborate together for the cause of equal access to professional interpretation services unless we unite forces? We are pleased to announce that, since September 2006, the IMIA developed a section on our website specifically to meet the needs of corporate members.




Ad Astra, Inc. (http://www.ad-astrainc.com)
Ad Astra provides 24/7/365 linguistic support services, including translation, interpretation, transcription and language instruction, in 200 + native languages and sign language with a talent pool of trained and accredited linguists -- including 6,500 translators and 4,500 interpreters.
Lena Toolsie, CEO
Heather Johnson, Technical Writing, Media
Amy Trout Hughes, VP Operations (amy@ad-astrainc.com)
Silver Spring, MD

ALTA Language Services, Inc. (http://www.altalang.com)
ALTA is an employee-owned language services company specializing in enterprise-level translation services, language proficiency testing, and innovative language training programs. Our purpose is to help you communicate across barriers in language and culture.
Stephanie Wiley Cork, Executive Director of Interpreter Training
Kate Dzubinski, Interpreter Trainer
Atlanta, GA

American Translation Partners, Inc. (https://www.atptranslations.com)
As your translation partner, we are constantly working to meet your expectations. It’s analogous to linguistic experts who translate and interpret as part of your staff. Start a relationship with us today!
Scott M. Crystal, Vice President
Polly Chan, President
Denise M D'Amaddio, General Manager (denise@atptranslations.com)
Buzzards Bay, MA

Bridges for Language (http://www.bridges-lts.com/)
Bridges for Language offers the opportunity to be able to communicate with clients of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our services include interpreting and translation in over 50 languages through the medical, educational, business, conference and legal fields.
Gloria Abundis, President
Beatriz Mendoza, Director of Operations and Training
Anabel Mendoza, Interpreter and Service Development
Aurora, IL

Cross Cultural Health Care Program (http://www.xculture.org)
The Cross Cultural Health Care Program’s mission is to serve as a bridge between communities and healthcare institutions to ensure equitable access to health care. Programs include Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter training, cultural competency provider training, assessments and publications.
Tamas Farkas, Language Access Programs Director
Michaela Kiley, Language Access Coordinator
Ishani Ghosh, operations Manager
Seattle, WA

ESKENAZI HEALTH (http://eskenazihealth.edu)
Eskenazi Health is one of America’s largest safety net health systems, providing care to nearly 1 million outpatient visitors each year. Eskenazi Health’s mission is to Advocate, Care, Teach and Serve, with special emphasis on the vulnerable populations of Marion County.
Lorraine Morales, Certified Medical Interpreter
Ivonne Pena, Certified Medical Interpreter
Maria Jordan, Certified Medical Interpreter (Maria.Jordan@eskenazihealth.edu)
Indianapolis, IN

Folio Online (http://www.folio-online.co.za)
Folio is a global leader in the provision of African language services. Our vision is to empower African language linguists by offering the opportunity to specialise in the medical interpreting field, as well as enable limited English speakers to receive proper medical care.
Lize Spies, Project Manager
Philip Zietsman, Managing Director
Johan Botha, Director: International Clients (info@folio-online.co.za)

IRCO International Language Bank (http://www.irco.org/services/translation-and-interpretation/)
We provide personalized service, tailored specifically to each organization and each project. In addition to more commonly requested languages, we specialize in languages of limited diffusion. Our mission is to encourage and empower multi-lingual communities.
Ping Vanloeun , ILB Manager
Fatimah Hussein, Interpretaion Services Coordinator
Anna Ocampo, IRCO HCI Trainer
Portland, OR

Liberty Language Services (www.libertylanguageservices.com)
Freelance Interpreter to provide on-site and VRI (video-remote interpretation) language services in medical, legal, educational, and governmental settings.
Silvia Villacampa, Managing Director
Sameh Abdelkader, Co-Founder & Director of Education
Maria Fahy, Recruitment and Education Coordinator
Vienna, VA

LIMELIGHT LLC (http://www.eternallycom.com)
Medical Translation and Interpreting Services Medical Translator Educational Program Medical Interpreter Educational Program
Tetsuya Hayashi, Rep. Partner, MI, MD, B. Sci., B.H.S., B.L.A.
Junko Ono, Medical Interpreter, USCPA
Sachiko Ito, Flight Nurse & Midwife, Interpreter (info@eternallycom.com)

Michigan Medicine Interpreter Services (http://www.med.umich.edu/interpreter)
Helping Limited English Proficient and deaf/hard of hearing patients enjoy equal access to quality health care. We offer professional quality, highly effective and relevant medical interpreter training courses. We translate medical documents and patient education materials.
Michelle Harris, Interpreter Services Manager
Christa Moran, Supervisor/MITA Coordinator
Brittany Karnes, Admin Assistant (brshafer@med.umich.edu)
Ann Arbor, MI

Northside Hospital - Cherokee (http://www.northside.com)
Not for profit 186 bed hospital in rural Georgia. Part of the Northside Hospital System.
Aleyda Campos, Medical Interpreter
Liz James-Irizarry, Medical Interpreter
Roxana Orrego, Medical Interpreter
Canton, GA

SOC Language Solutions (www.soclanguagesolutions.com)
Since 1998, SOC Language Solutions has been providing highly qualified medical interpreters to hospitals and physician offices throughout Georgia. Many SOC interpreters possess CCHI and CMI certifications. To reflect our growth, we rebranded from our original name of Spanish on Call, Inc. in 2017.

Transmax Institute
The Leading Translation and Interpreting Education Provider in China.
David Shen, Manager

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (http://www.uamshealth.com/?id=32&sid=1)
The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is Arkansas' only academic healthcare facility. The Office of Translation and Interpreting Services provides services to translate patient education materials and hospital forms and also provides one-on-one interpreting services
Jane Corley, Director Special Services/International Department
Asaf Moreno, Clinical Interpreter
Victoria McCullough, Clinical Interpreter (victoria1qt@live.com)
Little Rock, AR

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