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Mental Health

Cultural Competence Standards in Mental Health: Visit webpage HERE

Glossary - Psychiatry and Neurology: Visit webpage HERE

Glossary of Mental Health Terms from Australia: Visit webpage HERE 

Multicultural Mental Health Australia: Visit webpage HERE

Short list of Mental Health Interpreter Training: Visit webpage HERE 

The Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma (HPRT): Visit webpage HERE
Originally founded at the Harvard School of Public Health, is a multi-disciplinary program that has been pioneering the health and mental health care of traumatized refugees and civilians in areas of conflict/post-conflict and natural disasters for over two decades.

Enhanced Mental Health Interpreting: Visit webpage HERE
CIS at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation 
This program will introduce the medical interpreter to key concepts in mental health assessment and treatment. The following topics will be examined:
• Introduction of key concepts used in assessment and diagnosis
• Fundamental issues in medical interpreting for psychological testing
• Discussion around issues in interpreting for the psychotherapy visit with
• adults and with children
• Discussion around issues involved in interpreting for psychological assessments of dangerousness, especially suicidality and assaultiveness

Substance Abuse

Signs and Symptoms of Addictions: Visib webpage HERE

Additional Documents

>Improving the Quality of Mental Health Interpreting in Victoria

>Guidelines for Working Effectively with Interpreters in Mental Health Settings

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