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Renew Your Individual IMIA Membership

To renew your IMIA membership, please complete the form below and press "Submit".

Renewal Fee:
$90 for 1 year
$150 for 2 years
$210 for 3 years

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Enter up to 3 credentials as they should appear on your IMIA ID Card (e.g. M.Ed. or CMI).


A document that attests to the attainment of specific learning objectives. A person who holds a certificate related to interpreter training is NOT necessarily a Certified Interpreter, a Certified Court Interpreter or a Certified Conference Interpreter.

A process by which a professional organization attests to or certifies that an individual is qualified to provide a particular service. Certification calls for formal assessment, using an instrument that has been tested for validity and reliability[1], so that the certifying body can be confident that the individuals it certifies have the qualifications needed to provide interpreting services. A training certificate does NOT constitute certification.

Certified Interpreter
A professional interpreter who is certified as competent by a professional organization through rigorous testing based on appropriate and consistent criteria. Interpreters who have had limited training or have taken a screening test administered by an employing legal, health, interpreter or referral agency are NOT considered certified.

*Extracted from the NSGCIS – National Standards Guide for Community Interpreting Services - Canada

Certifying Body
A state or national organization that certifies interpreters.

Are you nationally certified as a medical/healthcare interpreter?

Certifying organizations
* Only the first Organization listed will be printed on your IMIA ID card

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Additional payment notes:

*We suggest you print this form (before hitting "Submit" below) to serve as a record of the information you submitted and your chosen password.

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