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Standards from Canada

National Standard Guide for the Practice of Community Interpreters in Canada

Each new Standards document which does not fundamentally conflict with its predecessors actually validates and strengthens the field of interpreting, by taking on a different approach to address the same goals, hence complementing and adding value and credibility to this profession. The IMIA seeks to be a clearinghouse of information so we value promoting all standards available to interpreters.

A cross section of representatives of Public and Private Sector organizations announce the publication of the First National Statement of Standards to Guide the Practice of Community Interpreters in Canada on November 2007. The first of its kind in Canada, this Guide is designed to provide a framework on which to build the standards and competencies of spoken language interpreters who work in the social service, legal and health care sectors.

The creators of this Standard Guide recognize that it will take time for all community interpreter practitioners to attain the standards, outlined in the framework, but see it as a first step towards the eventual recognition of the importance of Standards and the professional accreditation of Community Interpreters in Canada.

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