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IMIA Education Registry

The IMIA Education Committee continues to set the standard for all things related to Medical Interpreter Education.
The committee's highly selective, rigorous and multi-tiered CEU Application review process has been developed to ensure that only educational experiences of the highest caliber and most applicable relevancy earn the IMIA CEU credential.
The Education Committee is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the IMIA Education Registry, your first, best online resource for locating Medical Interpreter educational opportunities.  To date, as many as 500 programs, workshops,webinars and other learning activities currently reside on the IMIA education registry offering skill set development programs in person, and now even online.  

We of IMIA Ed/Comm will continue to ensure that any training organization who wishes may share information on their particular program on the IMIA education registry while ensuring that we grant the CEU credential only to programs which enhance a professional interpreter's knowledge as they practice in the field of medical interpretation.

Education Committtee Chair

IMIA cannot be held responsible for the content, delivery or outcome of these programs. 

Your questions, comments, or complaints regarding any program on this list must be addressed directly to the training organization.

For training providers:

If you would like to apply for IMIA CEUs for workshops, please click the following button:

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New - Education Registry Listing for Interpreting Training Programs

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Updated IMIA CEU Program Presentation 11282017.pdf

IMIA/NBCMI Continuing Education Conference Attendance Sheet.pdf

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New Criteria for Granting IMIA/NBCMI CEUs to Trainers/Instructors

Workshops Interpreter Training Courses
Interpreter Training Course Name
Registry Id
Online Onsite Hybrid

148-Hour Medical Interpreter Training
Organization:Entercomm LLC
6 mirrielees cir.
great neck, NY 11021
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:20-TR-1010
Contact:Yuan Cai (Director)
Contact Email:entercommllc@gmail.com
Contact Phone:7189169640
Description:This 48-hour medical interpreter training features language-specific role plays, a 10-hour medical terminology workshop with a physician, an overview of healthcare system and hospital operation, additional TeamSTEPPS communication tools, and an optional practicum at local hospitals. Core content includes: An overview of the interpreting profession; medical interpreting, community interpreting, conference interpreting, and legal interpreting; language access laws, limited English proficient patient, and hospital language assistance program administration; Code of ethics and standards of practice of interpreters in healthcare; We guide your thought process of applying the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice through practical exercises and role plays; The process of an interpreting session; modes of interpreting & practices: consecutive and sight translation; interpreting skills: introduction, positioning, direct communication, memory development and note taking; Role plays are monitored by language coaches; Mediation and cultural mediation as a freelance, full-time or dual-role interpreter; ethical dilemmas; patient safety and the TeamSTEPPS communication framework; safe advocacy; A whole day medical terminology workshop with an attending physician and language coaches who are certified medical interpreters: dissecting medical terminology, interpreting medical and understanding medical; An overview of the hospital operation, healthcare in the U.S., and; career development for medical interpreters.
  • An overview of the interpreting profession; medical interpreting
  • community interpreting
  • conference interpreting
  • and legal interpreting; language access laws
  • limited English proficient patient
  • and hospital language assistance program administration;
  • Code of ethics and standards of practice of interpreters in healthcare; We guide your thought process of applying the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice through practical exercises and role plays;
  • The process of an interpreting session; modes of interpreting & practices: consecutive and sight translation; interpreting skills: introduction
  • positioning
  • direct communication
  • memory development and note taking; Role plays are monitored by language coaches;
  • Mediation and cultural mediation as a freelance
  • full-time or dual-role interpreter; ethical dilemmas; patient safety and the TeamSTEPPS communication framework; safe advocacy;
  • A whole day medical terminology workshop with an attending physician and language coaches who are certified medical interpreters: dissecting medical terminology
  • interpreting medical and understanding medical;

248-Hour Medical Interpreting Training
Organization:A C A Productions Inc.
11519 Endicott Ln.
Houston, TX 77035
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:20-TR-1013
Contact:Graciela Zozaya
Contact Email:info@gracielazozaya.com
Contact Phone:7138821654
Description:Our 48-hour, non language-specific training course is designed to prepare participants for either National Certification exam sitting, and aimed at raising Language Access to care for Limited English Proficient patients. Students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to perform as professional interpreters in the medical field. Our unique curriculum will prepare students for real-life experiences.
  • Laws of Language Access
  • Cultural Competency
  • Ethics
  • Medical Terminology
  • Basic anatomy and physiology

3ALTA Language Services: 40-Hour Prerequisite Medical Interpreter Training
Organization:ALTA Language Services
3355 Lenox Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30326
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:18-TR-1022
Contact:Marge Curtis (Executive Director, Interpreter Training)
Contact Email:interp.education@altalang.com
Contact Phone:404.920.3862
Description:ALTA Languages Services is an employee-owned company with over 35 years of providing trusted language services. We are proud to offer high quality training at a fair price. ALTA’s self-paced 40-hour certificate course will enable you to work nationally, and qualify you to take both the NBCMI or CCHI national exams.

Breaking Boundaries in Healthcare® is an online, self-paced program designed by nationally certified interpreters, trainers, and medical professionals. ALTA’s course guides you through both theory and practice, providing the training you need to become a professional medical interpreter. You will learn interpreter ethics, roles, techniques, medical concepts, vocabulary, and much more.

With your course ticket you will receive:

  • 40+ hours of on-demand curriculum

  • 16 weeks of 24/7 lesson access

  • 4 practice quizzes

  • Skill-building videos

  • Interactive games

  • Digital course books

  • Optional private coaching

  • A final written and oral exam, completed at home

  • A trusted certificate upon passing exams

  • Easy communication with ALTA, whenever you need assistance

  • Live, video Q&A sessions twice a week, where you can connect with your teacher and other students around the globe.

At ALTA, our highest priority is quality. Earn your 40-hour qualification with an interactive, engaging program, on your own schedule. Get started for a first payment of $150. For more information, visit https://learn.altalang.com/

  • Language Access and Disparities in Healthcare
  • Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • The Modes of Interpretation
  • The Roles of the Interpreter
  • Cultural Competency
  • Finding Work as an Interpreter
  • Interpreting in Specialized Environments
  • 12 Medical Chapters

4Breaking The Barrier
Organization:On Time Translation Services LLC
511 Avenue of the Americas #4135
New York, NY 10011
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:20-TR-1019
Contact:Virgil Castner (CEO)
Contact Email:vcastner@ontimetranslationservices.com
Contact Phone:7166229210
Description:This 80-hour curriculum is designed to train the fundamentals of medical interpreters to meet the prerequisites for the Certification exam and to meet needs of doctors' offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities. Students will study the foundational elements of medical interpreting and prepare to enter this growing field with this introductory course. Learn about the need for healthcare interpreting, recent developments in the field, its professional ethics, and standards of practice. Examine challenges and ethical dilemmas that often arise when interpreters and medical professionals interact, and develop the judgment needed to respond to them through role playing.
  • Introduction To Medical Interpreting
  • Interpreter Code of Ethics Part I
  • Background of Medical Interpreters
  • Interpreter Code of Ethics Part II
  • What Is Medical Interpreting

5Building Blocks of Interpreting - Medical
P.O. Box 120534
Nashville, TN 37212
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:18-TR-1037
Contact:Cynthia Peinado (Healthcare Quality Consultant & Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter)
Contact Email:training@esclaonline.com
Contact Phone:8323308567
Description:This 60-hour course will take you through the journey covering more than the essential foundation of a Professional Medical Interpreter’s required skills and knowledge. Participants have constant opportunities to practice with realistic scenarios in order to effectively apply the course content. Subject Competence is evaluated each day of the course to ensure that each concept covered has been adequately understood.
  • Laws & Regulations Applicable to Language Access
  • Ethics & Standards of the Interpreting Profession
  • Healthcare System Overview
  • Patient Rights & Responisbilities
  • Industry Significant Terminology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Cultural & Linguistic Competence
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Methodology
  • Advocacy
  • Professional Advancement
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Interpreters

6Certificate in 40-hour medical interpreting
Organization:L.A. Translation and Interpretation Inc.
LA Translation
2975 Wilshire Blvd 640
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:19-TR-1012
Contact:Jenny Park (Academic Affairs)
Contact Email:info@latranslation.com
Contact Phone:2133857781
Description:This course is designed to train interpreters in the medical fields, and covers 16 Consecutive interpretings, 10 Sight translations, 20-pages of essential vocabulary, and the Code of Ethics. After completing the program, the student is ready to take the written and oral tests to become a certified medical interpreter.
  • Consecutive Interpreting - 16 lessons
  • Sight translation - 10 lessons
  • Vocabulary
  • Code of Ethics
  • Role of Interpreters

7Fundamental 40-hour Training for Medical Interpreters
1812 W. Burbank Blvd. Suite 414
Burbank, CA 91506
Program Type:
Registry Id:18-TR-1006
Contact:David McCoy-Galicia
Contact Email:mits@mitsemail.com
Contact Phone:818-465-8425
Description:This online, yet rigorous, course offers students the flexibility and convenience to control their learning pathway at their own pace. MITS unique 40-hour course is comprised of ten core modules and more than 20 hours of complimentary exam preparation materials. In this intensive course, students will find multiple quizzes, videos, lectures, documents, and dozens of interpreting exercises in a computer software system similar to the certification test format. The perfect combination to help them prepare for both, the written and oral certification exams.

MITS Fundamental 40-hour Course carefully balances theory and practice. It is designed to help participants understand the role of a medical interpreter and to develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills based on the medical interpreters' code of ethics and standards of practice. At the same time, the interactive medical vocabulary and interpreting-practice activities help participants sharpen their oral proficiency with many realistic role-plays in three interpreting modalities.

The educational objectives of this program are derived from the guidelines and requirements outlined by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC), The International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and National Board for Certified Interpreters (NBCMI).
  • Basics of Interpretation
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Medical Terminology I
  • Medical Terminology II
  • Interpreting in Cardiology
  • Interpreting in Endocrinology
  • Interpreting in Orthopedics
  • Interpreting in Nephrology
  • Interpreting in Psychiatry
  • Interpreting in Oncology
  • 20+ hours of supplemental course materials

8Fundamental Principles
Organization:Aha! Interpreting Solution's LLC
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:19-TR-1020
Contact:Iliana Sutton (CEO)
Contact Email:Iliana@ahainterpreting.com
Contact Phone:4793014902
Description:Fundamental Principles is a 40 hour onsite/online course that will challenge students’ knowledge in interpreting compliance.
Students will learn how to navigate in various Interpreting Modes, Standards and Ethics encounters while learning meaning and outcomes of actions. Students will learn the basics of communication and be able to identify appropriate style during high level encounters, Students will also participate in Simultaneous, Consecutive and Sight encounter while self-evaluating and learning. Student will be able to distinction correct roles under high stress encounters and be able to manage outcomes.
  • Preventing an alliance or partnership within the triadic
  • Cultural Dimensions to Death and Dying
  • Using verbal and non-verbal communication
  • How to maintain professionalism in difficult encounters
  • Video/Situational Scenarios Role-playing

9Interpreter Prep
Organization:Interpreter Prep
5364 River Forest Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Program Type:National Certification Preparation Courses
Registry Id:19-TR-1016
Contact:Marcelo German Lopez
Contact Email:InterpreterPrep@gmail.com
Contact Phone:8189750713
Description:We offer 40 Hour Courses in Medical Interpreting. Your training can be done On Demand or through Live Online Classes........You choose.
We also offer shorter trainings for those who only need help to prepare for the written exam or who only want to prep for the oral component of the exam. We have Practice Tests you can take before your actual exams.
Continuing Education (CEUs) for both CMI and CHI interpreters is also available. We just added review sessions for those about to take their NBCMI or CCHI Oral Exam & Simultaneous Interpreting exercises.
  • Medical Terminology
  • Interpreting Protocols
  • Roles of the Interpreter
  • Ethics and Standards
  • Siight/ Consecutive/ Simultaneous Interpreting Exercises

10Judicial And Medical Interpreting Certificate
Organization:Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Rd
Lincroft, NJ 07738
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:19-TR-1019
Contact:Susan Pagano (Program Administrator)
Contact Email:spagano@brookdalecc.edu
Contact Phone:7322242685
Description:Court interpreters work in a variety of legal settings, such as attorney-client meetings, preliminary hearings, arraignments, depositions, and trials. Medical interpreters help patients communicate with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. For prerequisites, program description, required texts, and information on how to attain a certificate, visit www.brookdalecc.edu/interpreting. 35 SESSIONS.
  • Consecutive Interpreting Level 1
  • Simultaneous Interpreting Level 1
  • Sight Translation Level 1
  • Consecutive Interpreting Level 2
  • Simultaneous Interpreting Level 2
  • Sight Translation Level 2

11Medical Interpreter Training
Organization:Ricarti Training
1515 East 36th Street
Tulsa, OK 74105
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:20-TR-1003
Contact:Rita Weil
Contact Email:ritaricarti@gmail.com
Contact Phone:3019807899
Description:The Ricarti Medical 60 hour training course is designed to give individuals the knowledge and skills to become proficient medical/community interpreters. The program is self-paced and is a combination of online training and inperson (via Hangouts) practice sessions with the instructors and language specific tutors. Upon completion of a final exam, participants will receive a certificate of training that is a prerequite for taking one of the national certification exams for medical interpreters.
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Difficult Situations
  • Roles of the Interpreter
  • Medical terminology
  • Modes of Interpreting
  • Sight Translation and Written translation

12Medical Interpreting Certificate Training Program
Organization:Network Navegantes LLC
95 Gray Street
Providence, RI 02909
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:19-TR-1021
Contact:Carlos Juarez
Contact Email:Carlosj@networknavegantesllc.org
Contact Phone:347-954-6594
Description:Our 60 Hours Medical Interpreter Training program (40 Hours didactic, 20 Hours practice/observance) uses the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training programs. Training is divided into lectures and classroom role-play case studies that are conducted and presented by well-qualified and respected professionals in the field.

The Training Program is Designed in the Following Language Methodologies:
• Language Neutral
• Language-Specific
Not every language is offered at a specific session. We require a minimum of 12 participants in a language group in order to offer the course in that language.

• Medical Interpreter Core Competency
• Anatomy and Physiology (delivered in English)
• Language Coaching (it includes language practice and role-plays in the practical language)

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Identify barriers to understanding that can occur between English-speaking clinical providers and LEP patients and approaches to overcoming those barriers.
• Identify the specific roles of the interpreter and the appropriate use of each role
• Demonstrate a general knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and medical procedures.
• Define key medical terminology related to body systems and medical specialties in English and target languages.
• Demonstrate a general understanding of organizational policies, procedures, and protocols related to the expectations of medical interpreters.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the Interpreter Code of Ethics, the Standards of Practice of the International Medical Interpreters Association and the various legislative guidelines for interpretation.

OUR STANDARDS: This program meets or exceeds the requirements of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act [Section 601] and adheres to federal mandates and guidelines on culturally and linguistically appropriate health care. The program incorporates competency skills in medical terminology, culture, and delivery of health care.

EVALUATION PROCESS: Evaluation of Initial Assessment Language Test and Final Test scores will determine the level of competency skills acquired by the participant and the overall program success.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Upon successful completion of the Medical Interpreter Training Program the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion that might be required by all hospitals in Rhode Island and other health care providers.
  • I. Purpose and Goals
  • II. Course Content
  • III. Continuous Interpretation Practice
  • IV. Simultaneous Interpretation Practice
  • V. Final Exam: Written Exam

13MiTio 60 Hour Certificate Course
Organization:MiTio Inc.
289 Jonesboro Rd.
McDonough, GA 30253
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:18-TR-1015
Contact:NELVA LEE (President)
Contact Email:partner@mitio.org
Contact Phone:678-458-1671
Description:Our 60-hour certification course includes six separate units, in which you’ll learn everything from interpreting modes and roles to International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) ethics, standards, and university-level medical terminology.

Each unit includes:

Interactive video lectures that lay out the course material in a clear and engaging way

Helpful resources to augment the material provided in the video lectures

Discussion opportunities that allow you to engage with course content and receive feedback from an instructor

Straightforward and manageable assignments designed to help you master new material and prepare for your next career opportunity

A live webinar practice session with a MiTio instructor in which you apply what you’ve learned to real-world scenarios, ask questions, and gain expert advice

A short quiz to demonstrate your progress and boost your retention

The entire course is designed to be completed within six weeks, but it can be accomplished in as little as two or spread out over a longer period to fit your busy schedule.

Upon completion, you’ll earn your IMIA - CMIE-accredited medical interpreter certificate and walk away with the requisite skills needed to perform at a professional level. You’ll also be eligible to become an independent contractor in MiTio’s vast business network, where you’ll gain access to employment opportunities in your locale and language expertise.
  • Basic purpose of the medical interpreter
  • Specific roles of interpreter defined
  • Interpreting pyramid
  • Interpreter roles in other settings
  • Memory development
  • HIPAA confidentiality guidelines
  • Interpreter Code of Ethics

14MiTio Medical Interpreting Diploma Program
Organization:MiTio Inc.
289 Jonesboro Rd.
McDonough, GA 30253
Program Type:Medical Interpreting Training Program (40+ hours)
Registry Id:18-TR-1014
Contact:NELVA LEE (President)
Contact Email:partner@mitio.org
Contact Phone:6784581671
Description:MiTio Diploma consist of four 40 hour certificate courses consisting of Advanced Medical Interpreting and Advanced Medical Terminology. A 10 hour CEU course of your choice. A Six Hour Internship and Twenty Four Hours of Live Practice Sessions. Our robust and rigorous program will ensure that you are fully prepared to succeed as a Medical Interpreter and obtain your Certification and Employment.

Our Diploma Program is IMIA Accredited and contains everything a bilingual would need to transfer their skills into a rapidly growing career field! All courses within the Diploma Program are self-paced and able to be completed from home or work.

Our 160 Hour Diploma Program has been compiled and refined for many years. Not just for you to take a certification exam, but for you to cultivate the skills needed to perform as a top medical interpreter.
  • Medical Interpreting
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Interpreting II
  • 24 hours of Live Practice Sessions
  • 6 hours of Interpreting Internships

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